AAP का अपना Autowalla

Dateline: 2014, elections in India

India में, everybody has an opinion. And every opinion has somebody.
When its election time, it all … matters.

What elections do, is create a great space for GupShup.
A heart to heart sharing. Just. Random. On the roads. One fine day. In the capital. बस, yunhi!

Here are few minutes spent with Binod ji. In his family, all 7 ke saat, votes are now going to be going to AAP!

6 होते तो छक्का कहते, 7 हैं तो ?! सट्टा !! 🙂

Enjoy our election-मसाला!

PS: Don’t miss Binod ji’s expressions! So best!

Filmed on a mobile device.

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