It is rare. On the roads of Delhi. To find so many colours. So much celebration. So many happy faces. So many feet. Touching the earth. Dancing. Its rare. To hear songs. Of the rivers. Of the forests. Of the trees. Of life and of death. Its rare. To see. So many people calling for attention – of a government, of leaders, of the citizens – in the most celebratory way. Not a single abuse. Not a vibe of hatred. Just a determined celebration of their call.

From the villages of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan. Nearly 5000 plus. These folks have been walking for over 6 days now. Not a frown on the face. Not a shikan. Contrast that with us city people. Me and You. Stuck in the luxury of our cars. Tense. For the rally has delayed us by … an hour?

Clearly. There is a line that divides. One world. With the other. The urban India. With the rural. The machine grind. The earth connect. You see it here. It is not just in the images. It is in essence too.

Clearly. Everybody knows. There are no easy answers. The current of the world is flowing towards industry, away from the earth. More and more. Climaxing. India is not isolated. She has to participate. Yet. Movements have begun. Within people. And without. Away from machines. Away from material. Into spirit. Of the land. Of the culture. Of the heart. Its slow. But it is gaining ground.

Political, cultural, environmental, spiritual leaders have gathered around the people marching. Arif Mohammad Khan former state minister puts it well, “I don’t know whether you will tell your kids and grandkids that you marched with us leaders. But i have already told my grandkids yesterday that i am marching with you all!”

Across ideology. Medha Patkar, Rajendra Singh, PV Rajagopal, Aruna Roy, Govindacharya. Sharing the same platform. Sensing the same spirit. A call … for the earth connect.

Govindacharya eloquently celebrated the spirit of the satyagrahis by repeating a slogan they use. “हम से जो टकरायेगा …” The usual response to that is ” चूर चूर हो जायेगा”. The satyagrahis have turned it around. 180 degrees. Their call is, ” हम से जो टकरायेगा, हममें ही मिल जायेगा.” The one who clashes with us. Will not break, but will dissolve into us.

This is India’s way. Something Gandhi Bapu played with beautifully. The feminine way. To absorb the other into yourself.

No. This march not so simple. So flat. Na ji. Its not about Anna. Or about Modi. Or about Left. Or Right. This ordinance or that. It is about the Earth. Wanting to be home and celebrate. And – make no mistake – this home INCLUDES. The trees, the rivers, the forests, the cows, the birds, the wild beasts, the gods, the goddesses … Not just samaaj. But lok. This and that and the other.

‪Feb 2015 #‎BhoomiAnandolan ‪#‎EktaParishad‬