Uphaar Cinema 1997

A father sends his two children to watch a movie. They never return.
Uphaar Cinema fire, one of the worst fire tragedies in recent Indian history. This short video was made after i met the parents, still awaiting justice.

“57 others also died along with both my children…..in the Uphaar Fire….Ironically not due to burns……they had all been asphyxiated …as they were trapped in the balcony of the cinema hall …..just greed of getting 52 extra seats had snatched 59 precious lives….the fight to get justice for these lives lost continues in various courts

Meanwhile, in the last 16 years ….each day I repeat this promise to my children…..I will fight to ensure no other mother suffers this pain that I endure each day…I will fight …raise my voice to ensure an Uphaar is never repeated…public places in India are made safe ….I know this is not an easy task but its the mission of my life …..a promise to my children that I have to fulfil….”

2005| Aap Ka Haq| for Janmat, Sab TV

Direction & Voice: Akanksha Joshi | Script: Krishna Deo | Editing : Divya Kohli