Why Earth Witness?

Imagine …

You are some 27 years old. Belonging to one of India’s ancient most tribe. Say a Biaga. Living in the heart of the central Indian forests. What do the words ‘Climate Change’ mean to you? Or, say, you are a shepherd in the Rann of Kutch. How does the word ‘Global Warming’ affect your life? Or lets suppose, you are a farmer. Living on a delta where the river Ganga merges with the ocean – how do the words ‘Rise in Sea Levels’ affect you? Or maybe you are a teacher in the eastern Himalayas, helping your parents harvest the year’s paddy crop. How does rise in ‘Global Temperatures’ impact your life?

Earth Witness began as journey to imagine, to explore just this: Climate Change, beyond the jargon. Through the senses. Eyes, ears, touch, smiles and tears of common people. Living close to nature – forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers. First to face the impact.

Learning. Through their flexibility. Their response to nature.

“Don’t just walk on your feet. Walk on the Earth.”