Passengers 2002

Passengers: A Video Journey in Gujarat                                                                                                          Dir: Nooh Nizami and Akanksha Joshi

2003 | India |  52 mins

Feb 27, 2002: Coach S-6 of Sabarmati Express coming from Ayodhya is set ablaze in Godhra, igniting the state of Gujarat.

Aziz Pathan. Harinesh Pandya. And their families. Passengers of a journey that began… who can say when. 

Noorjahan, Aziz Pathan’s daughter has been brutally assaulted by a mob. Their entire family is in the relief camp. Torn, shattered.

Harinesh Bhai is a social worker. He is working in the Muslim relief camps. His younger brother is Sanatan Pandya. A Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) worker. He has been accused of killing Muslims. Harinesh’s wife, Sadhana, comes from a staunch right wing background. 

Nooh Nizami and Akanksha Joshi journey with the families for over a year and a half; filming a spark of the fire that spread out of the state and ignited the entire nation. 

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