Touching the Earth


Experiential Understanding

Experiential Understanding  : Earth Witness Journeys with Young Friends

Inspired by the film, Earth Witness, some of our young friends decided to journey to the locations. To understand Climate Change, not just as a word, but an experience. Not just as facts, but as a story, shared between friends just like us.

Becoming EW

On the top left is Shikari Baiga. Sitting on his contemplation-tree. This photograph is from the film. Our young friends from Indian Institute of Technology – biggest technological institution in India – Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islmia, went and sat right there. Why? They wanted to feel “… what it must be like for Shikari.”

The exposure was organized by one of India’s leading youth organizations, Pravah []. Accompanying them was, Aseem Shrivastava, Ecological economist and co-author of the acclaimed book, ‘Churning the Earth: The Making of Global India’. Giving them a deeper understanding, on ground, of how climate change is an aggregate of our present pattern of development. []