The Story

In one of the world’s fastest growing economies, four common people – a teacher, a farmer, a shepherd, a father- find themselves on the frontline of Climate Change. Covering four ecosystems of the climatically diverse nation, India, the film roots itself in the voices of the indigenous & traditional people.

Shikari Baiga, voices the stories of the forest ecosystem from central India. He comes from the ancient Biaga tribes. Ten years ago he migrated to the plains in search of water, now he discovers the water in the plains is deserting him as well.

Seno Tsuhah, is a primary school teacher from the eastern Himalayan state of Nagaland. She finds nature giving signs of change that never seen, never heard before. The change, she knows, is not in isolation, it comes in little packages like the branded seeds she finds slowly invading her village’s market.

Doongra Rabaari is from the semi-nomadic pastoral tribe in the Rann of Kutch, the salt desert in western India. He is waiting for the rains. The rains, lasting four months, is  his time at home, away from the constant strife he faces with the landed farmers. Delay in rains has led to an increase in conflict between the nomadic community & the landed farmers.

Sukdev Mondal is a farmer owning a small part of the Gangetic delta, Sunderbans. The river, pressured by a rise in the global sea levels, is taking the land back in her womb. In the next few years, Sukdev Mondal will be one among the estimated 70,000 climate refugees. Yet, he does not give up. Aware of the interconnection among all life, he nourishes his part of the earth with compassion & wisdom.

Faced by challenging times that are not the creation of anyone of these people, the film threads the stories of these four people through the timeless quality of the human spirit to thrive, even amidst all odds.