दो शब्द on Akanksha

Ak-Jo on Cam

In India, you are always asked a question, “So, where do you belong to?” Akanksha, belongs to India. She led a gypsy childhood. Traveling with her fauji parents all over India. Growing up in Kashmir, Arunachal, Andhra, Punjab …all over, really. Tasting India’s diversity, first hand. Absorbing the dances, singing the songs of every culture she grew in.

Much like a wandering minstrel in the guise of a filmmaker, Akanksha now finds herself in Delhi. Creating not just films but participatory experiences of the inner delight, through meditative sessions on natural dance. Using ancient mediative techniques of the Sufis, Bhakts, Tantrics. Combining them with tools from the modern world – she leads people into celebration, that heals. Her personal favourite techniques are “… dance, sounds, play. Save the wilderness, within. So you can nurture the wilderness without. ”

She continues to make, what she calls are, … handmade films. Spun one at a time. Weaving my life. Embroidering with sounds, with rhythm. She films, scripts, edits, voices, her own stories.