Ganga एक प्रार्थना: Climate Change

A video prayer in times of global climatic changes.

This film was made for Greenpeace India, to assist them in being able to communicate Climate Change to an Indian audience. We weave the reverence many Indians have around the river Ganga, to reach out to them. This 15 min film leads the viewer to a simple message. Once, prayers could just be spoken. Today, our prayers have to become action. A new prayerful awareness is needed.

The film is being telecast on the Official Channel of the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha TV, every week since August 2007.

Greenpeace has used it for screenings in over 150 climate awareness workshops, since 2007. Note able among those was a  screening in Art of Living International Center, Bangalore in 2008 that attended by more than 3000 people including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Excerpt | 58 Sec |  2007