ढ़ाई अाखर प्रेम का

Raeesuddin Bhai is a practicing Muslim from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. An autowallah by profession. He came to Delhi a few years ago, bought an old auto. The auto had many pictures of Gods and Goddesses. He never bothered to remove them. For years, they have been just sitting pretty in his auto. He dusts them each day before his journey begins. I ask him, “How come?!”

As his response, Raeesuddin Bhai serves the typical Indian Masala mish-mash, with a huge dollop of desi-wisdom.

He reminds me of what another wise man, in another time, another place had said … ”Pothi padh padh jag muwa pandit bhaya na koy/ dhai aakhar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy”

By reading big fat books,
No one has ever become Knowledgable
The small letters of the word ‘Love’ …
The one who has learnt the art of reading them …
He has known it all!

Recorded on a smartphone. Enjoyed on a Mac.